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Bio Fuel Lanka Solar Each sun oriented board contains something many refer to as photovoltaic, or PV, cells. PV cells take light (photons) and transform the light into power (voltage). At the point when daylight hits the sunlight based board, PV cells get the chance to work by delivering direct present (DC) power. This is all fine and well, however DC power can't control your home. That is the place some different bits of hardware come into the photo.

On the back of each sunlight based board is an inverter. The most vital thing to think about the inverter is that it changes over DC power—the unusable sort of power—into substituting current (AC) power—the usable kind.

Air conditioning power streams from the sun based boards through proficient wires and links into your net meter. Your net meter measures both the power you're drawing from the matrix and the abundance control your sunlight based boards are returning onto the lattice.

After power goes through your net meter, it makes itself agreeable in your home and powers the majority of your machines. On the off chance that your sun based boards don't deliver enough vitality to cover the majority of your needs, don't stress. Regardless you're associated with the power lattice, so you can naturally draw more vitality at whatever point you require.

Turn-key solar panel solutions affordable and available for both individuals and commercial entities.

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