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We Are Bio Fuel Lanka

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We are a full service renewable energy management company offering a range of turnkey renewable energy systems contracting work both nationally and internationally. Senior management founded ‘Bio Fuel Lanka’ in 2007 to offer financially viable biogas and biodiesel solutions to its continually growing client base and saw the demand for a bespoke renewable energy establishment in the local market.

Our experienced team specializes in contracting work for commercial, retail and industrial clients ranging from large blue chip companies to small and medium enterprises.

Bio Fuel Lanka recognizes that the key to running a successful business is understanding our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations.

"We’re proud to count over 75% of Sri Lanka’s functioning biogas systems are engineered and operated by Bio Fuel Lanka."

Why Choose Us

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Simply put, we understand the renewable energy business. That claim is based on decades of work in support of the sector and key players in the renewable energy sector both locally and internationally. Close collaboration with other key players in the sector and constant research and development of our systems has given us valuable expertise that readily translates into another key area of trust.

Bespoke Solutions.

Leveraging our knowledge of your business, we’re able to create custom, world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology. There’s tremendous value in designing innovative products that match our clients’ needs, function the way they operate, and incorporate the clients’ requirements, best suited for their business’ operations. To complement that powerful portfolio, we provide a variety of service and support offerings that tap into the experience base of our best team as consultants, system engineers and service technicians.


Over time, with the right mix of products and people, you begin to build a reputation for delivering the goods. You become known by your client base. We’re proud to count over 75% of Sri Lanka’s functioning biogas systems are engineered and operated by Bio Fuel Lanka. Those relationships are founded on a genuine interest in creating win-win scenarios that make everyone’s business grow.

Our Vision & Mission

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"The team at Bio Fuel Lanka is totally committed to a world of green environs."

Our Projects

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